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The question of attribution in the case of dishonest solicitation of employees at companies

Can a company be held liable if his employees attempt to recruit employees of a competitor company with unfair business practices? This consideration gives rise to the following questions: What conditions must be met for an enticement of employees to be considered unfair, and what are the consequences for the managing director?

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The Mietpreisbremse: What you need to bear in mind when asserting your rights

After the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany ruled in its decision of 25 March 2021 (2 BvF 1/20, 2 BvL 5/20, 2 BvL 4/20) that the Berlin Law on Rent Restrictions in the Residential Sector in Berlin (“Berlin Rent Ceiling”) was incompatible with the German Constitution and therefore null and void, the displeasure of Berlin…

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