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Careful and professional contract drafting is of paramount importance as the basis of your business relationships. By drafting construction contracts and general terms and conditions accordingly, Ad Fontes can help to eliminate potential disagreements with your contractual partners as far as possible in the run-up to the contract.

Ad Fontes accompanies you in all phases of your construction project, in France as well as in Germany.

During the execution of the contract, the lawyers of Ad Fontes will advise you in order to avoid disputes where possible and to make the right decisions at an early stage.
Ad Fontes also supports you in disputes with your contractual partners, both out of court and in court.

Ad Fontes has particular expertise in negotiating subcontracts for construction projects in France and the French subcontracting law Loi de sous-traitance 1975, which is essential in this context. Irrespective of contractual agreements or choice of law clauses, the Loi de sous-traitance is mandatory and must therefore be observed and included in your planning. Failure to comply with the relevant French regulations can lead to the invalidity of the subcontract, which, however, can only be asserted by the subcontractor.

Anticipating the challenges posed by Law No. 75-1334 of 31 December 1975 is crucial to the success of an activity in France as a subcontractor in the construction sector. Indeed, it establishes distinct obligations and responsibilities between the project owner, the contractor and the subcontractor. Ad Fontes supports you upstream of the subcontracting contract to ensure your company’s compliance with the loi de sous-traitance de 1975.