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Compliance Ad Fontes
The lawyers of Ad Fontes have been practising law for more than 15 years and have extensive experience in the preparation and negotiation of contracts in the field of business law. As specialists in the field of international contracts and private international law, the lawyers of Ad Fontes are mastering the contractual techniques that will enable your company to provide for the most advantageous provisions or to find a mutually acceptable solution.

The success of your business based on sound legal advice

Working with Ad Fontes to prepare and negotiate contracts can strengthen and secure your company’s position and reduce risks. Your general terms and conditions, distribution contracts or supply contracts are in fact the basis of your business activity, as they define the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. In the event that your business partner provides you with his model contract or insists on his own terms and conditions, Ad Fontes will assist you in analysing the risks and negotiating the clauses that are most important to you, such as those concerning civil liability in particular.

Ad Fontes accompanies you in the international development of your company

Ad Fontes advises French, German and international companies in various industrial sectors, such as agriculture, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, fashion and luxury goods and consumer goods. Ad Fontes’ lawyers feel at home in both the French and German legal systems and therefore regularly advise clients on private international law, i.e. on the applicable law and the competent courts.