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Ad Fontes lawyers advise and represent companies on all issues related to product distribution.
The safety of the products a company sells to its customers is essential to its long-term success and reputation. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Ad Fontes in this area. Ad Fontes has been active in the field of product safety and conformity for more than 15 years and accompanies companies in the implementation of the necessary measures.

Your duty to ensure product safety

Manufacturers and distributors have a duty to ensure the safety of products they place on the market. Ad Fontes’ lawyers will help you understand the standards applicable to your company’s activity and the risks that would be associated with a breach. The lawyers of Ad Fontes provide their clients with ongoing information on changes in the law (Regulatory News), adapted to the company’s activity. Ad Fontes assists companies in the introduction and implementation of internal processes that guarantee the product safety required by law and by customers.
Ad Fontes supports you in preparing the necessary and sufficient documentation proving the measures taken by the company in the field of product safety and assists your company in its compliance project and the continuous improvement of its processes. Mrs Grit Karg explains: “An action plan cannot be drawn up on the day of the crisis, but must have been thought through in advance. If the responsibilities of each individual and the necessary measures are defined and have been rehearsed in advance, a product recall, for example, can proceed in a structured and organised manner while preserving the good reputation of the company.”

The liability of the manufacturer or distributor for product risks

Ad Fontes will determine the responsibilities and sanction risks in the event of a claim or a safety problem with a product, including in the event of a product recall.

The work of Ad Fontes’ lawyers is characterised by their pragmatic and efficient approach and by the fact that they speak their clients’ language. Ad Fontes can provide you with multilingual support and thus, in the event of a claim, quickly draw up an action plan, in coordination with the regulatory authority if necessary, that will help your company to survive a product safety crisis, as well as to deal with expert opinion procedures, internal processes and possible sanctions.