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Compliance Ad Fontes
Companies today are confronted with a and constantly changing normative environment.
Ad Fontes supports you in determining that are applicable to your company reflected, e.g. in a code of conduct, programme or internal processes.
Ad Fontes accompanies you in the introduction implementation of rules and processes the compliance of your company.

Compliance: from fighting corruption to data protection

The duty of compliance extends to numerous areas such as anti-corruption, competition data protection or the safety of the manufactured or distributed by your Depending on your company’s priorities, Ad Fontes will support you with the legal advice need – sound, efficient and pragmatic.

The introduction and implementation of a compliance system

The lawyers at Ad Fontes, who have been practising law for more than 15 years, help your company understand the legal framework that applies to your business. Compliance violations lead to a loss of trust among business partners and customers. Every company must therefore take the measures and create a framework to ensure that the applicable rules are complied with and risks are minimised. Ad Fontes is committed to supporting you in improving your practices and the processes set up in your company.

Avoid sanctions
and manage crises

Sanctions due to a non-compliance can be very serious and are often the subject of media coverage. The specialised lawyers of Ad Fontes can accompany you in investigations carried out by authorities in your company on the occasion of a possible breach of compliance rules.

In this context, Ad Fontes can handle the communication with the regulatory authorities and support you in the creation and implementation of a crisis management action plan.