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Study trip to Paris – June 2022

Ad Fontes had the opportunity to host its first entrepreneurs’ evening in Paris with entrepreneurs, managers and senior leaders from the Black Forest region, Berlin, Hesse, Brandenburg and France.

June 1.

It was a great evening, very much enjoyed by all of us after the pandemic restrictions. The restaurant “La Vache au Comptoir” was the perfect location (Thank you Cyril Duport for the culinary frame!). Just the evening was unfortunately over much too fast thanks to the many interesting conversations and presentations. It is worth highlighting the statement of Mr. Thomas Rölle that he misses the entrepreneur evenings of Marlies Ullenboom and André Karg in Paris. Indeed, we miss them too! Therefore, we would like to mention one more time our great colleagues at DS Avocats, with a special thanks to Daniel Chausse and Olivier Fages. DS Avocats has always been very inspiring and influential to us, and without the inspiring build-up work of its German Desk, Ad Fontes would not exist.

June 2.

The next highlight of the entrepreneurs’ trip was our meeting with the Pôle franco-allemand of SaarLB. A special thanks goes to LPACGR Avocats which as host and member of the Pôle Franco-Allemand of SaarLB led through the event.

A special thanks goes to LPACGR Avocats which as host and member of the Pôle Franco-Allemand of SaarLB led through the event. After the presentation of the activities of SaarLB and the Pole Franco-Allemand of SaarLB, for which we would like to thank Patricia Duray and Christine Bieg, a lecture by Mr. Sven Rösner, Managing Director of the German-French Office for the Energy Transition OFATEDFBEW followed on the topic: The German-French Tandem in Climate Policy, Current Status, Goals, Funding Mechanisms. It was followed by the presentation of the German Desk of LPA-CGR avocats, which was introduced by Sandra Hundsdörfer, Michael Samol, Dr. Stephan Lesage-Mathieu, Silke Nadolni and Dr. Thomas Ehrecke. One focus of the presentations was to familiarize the participants with the intercultural expertise of the German Desk in day-to-day legal work which was highly appreciated.

After lunch on the Champs Élysées, our group was welcomed by Dr. Michael Frank, Head of the Economic Section and Envoy of the German Embassy, who further completed the panorama of Franco- German relations for us in his very interesting presentation. For the organization of this appointment, we would also like to thank Mr. Matthieu Wölper. All in all, a successful day!

June 3.

The last day of our entrepreneurial trip in Paris was dedicated to the OECD, the Choose Paris Region business development agency and Station F. Here we thank Mrs. Lora Pissareva for her exciting and very informative explanations about the work of the OECD and the Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the OECD. We thank Mrs. Pauline Degaudenzi and Thomas Fauvel for completing the German- French panorama with presentations on the work of Choose Paris Region. Last but not least, the program included a lecture by Mr. Christian Horn, architect and urban planner, who is one of the most intimate contacts of Marlies Ullenboom’s Paris network and who was able to explain to the participants the story behind the (also) architectural monument Station F, thus creating a bridge between the architectural history of this historic building as a former train station hall to Station F, which today makes the heart of the French Start Up Nation France beat.

What remains: Many new impressions that paint a picture of French-German relations which function very well underlining the importance of what these relations mean for all of us and for the functioning of Europe.

We hope that such meetings will be possible again regularly in the future and conclude with Reinhard Mei:

Bonsoir mes amis
Il est temps que je m’en aille
Ce qui me reste à vous dire
Ne dure qu’une cigarette
Et le temps d’un dernier verre … »
You can only know a city if you exchange with the locals. The stay in Paris allowed us to discover the city from another angle and to visit places that are inaccessible to tourists. In addition to the typical monuments, we could discuss with Franco-German entrepreneurs, representatives of institutions as well as of the German Embassy. We had intense and fascinating discussions on current economic and political topics concerning also our future in Europe

Participant from a family-owned SME from Balingen

Testimonial Study trip 2022 n°2

Impressive mission for entrepreneurs which I would recommend to all those who are already working or still looking to enter the French market. I got a good overview of the current economic situation and made some promising contacts to be developed. Thank you very much for your excellent organization!”

Comments by the CEO and founder of SKILL SOFTWARE GmbH from Frankfurt am Main

Testimonial Study trip 2022 n°1

In 2023, we will return
with other entrepreneurs to Paris!