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Ad Fontes lawyers, who have been practising for more than 15 years, advise and represent their clients in litigation before the civil and commercial courts in Germany and in France.
The lawyers of Ad Fontes have many years of experience in legal proceedings in which you may be involved with suppliers, distributors, shareholders or business partners.
Ad Fontes’ lawyers regularly appear before the commercial courts or district courts and also represent their clients’ interests in the second instance, i.e. before the competent courts of appeal.

Experienced legal counsel in the event of a dispute

Ad Fontes will propose a strategy that is suitable for your dispute and will protect your interests in the best possible way. Ad Fontes will analyse the legal situation in depth and advise you in an understandable manner on the opportunities and risks associated with legal proceedings. The lawyers of Ad Fontes will take care of drafting the pleadings, preparing the necessary evidence to support your position and attending the dates set by the court.

Ad Fontes accompanies contentious cases in court not only in a formalistic way, but also develops its own procedural strategy for each case. This is based on the experience gained in US and European civil procedure law, where litigation tactics are classically and correctly more important. As a rule, the procedural law before the courts provides a wide range of possibilities with which to influence the substantive success in the case, but also the long-term development of the client. Sometimes it comes down to details in the formulation of motions, the construction of defense scenarios or the focusing of certain legal issues, which requires experience and a strategic approach.

Your lawyers will accompany you during the judicial expertise

If the origin of a claim is not clear, the judge may appoint a court expert to determine the cause of a claim and its extent. In France e.g. it is crucial to attend the expert’s reports, so that the lawyers of Ad Fontes accompany their client at all the on-site meetings set by the expert and take charge of defending your interests in discussions with all the parties involved and in the preparation of statements. In particular, legal support during an expert’s report procedure prevents liability from being recognised to the detriment of your company.

Ad Fontes works with a network of private experts and specialists who can corroborate your position from a technical point of view and verify the accuracy and logic of the expert’s conclusions.