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The lawyers of Ad Fontes have been assisting companies in setting up and organising the distribution of their products for more than 15 years.
Ad Fontes specialises in the contractual structuring of business relationships between manufacturers and sales units. The lawyers of Ad Fontes advise and train sales managers and sales staff in this context.
Ad Fontes prepares distribution agreements and related documentation, including general terms and conditions, framework agreements and agency agreements. Finally, Ad Fontes assists companies in the event of contract modifications or in the event of litigation related to the termination of the distribution relationship.

Selective or exclusive distribution, sales representative or franchise.

The choice between different distribution methods depends first of all on the product that is being brought to market. However, the decisive factor is also the set-up and organisation of your company, your intentions and your goals in the respective market.

Ad Fontes’ lawyers integrate the economic understanding of their clients’ activities into their advice and can thus provide companies with very pragmatic legal advice that anticipates risks and proposes solutions.

Ad Fontes represents your interests in the preparation and negotiation of general terms and conditions, distribution agreements or agency agreements. Ad Fontes further advises companies on the termination or cancellation of distribution agreements, agency agreements or other party agreements. Depending on the type of contract, compensation payments may be required. Ad Fontes can advise you on the best strategy to avoid legal proceedings with your distributor or commercial agent.


Ad Fontes is experienced in e-commerce related matters and has assisted numerous companies in setting up a web shop and preparing terms and conditions and terms of use. Ad Fontes’ lawyers can advise you on your e-commerce project and also assist you in the event of a dispute with a consumer. In the event of inspections by the Competition and Consumer Protection Authority or other bodies, the lawyers of Ad Fontes can handle the communication and your defence.

E-commerce is an area that is particularly in flux. This makes it all the more important to provide customised advice throughout the uptime of your web offering to ensure that it is constantly compliant with the applicable rules.