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A start-up is fundamentally different from a business founder. Of course, we can also count them among our clients, but here the scalability of the business model is not one of the most urgent tasks and the growth is usually only limited in terms of space. Here, too, we offer individual solutions after discussions with our clients. In contrast, start-ups usually come to us with ready-made contract documents from their home market, which then have to be adapted for the German market. The adapted German documents should usually not differ too much from the original French- or English-language contractual documents, so that a uniform appearance of the start-up can be guaranteed across countries.

In this respect, advising a start-up is usually also more time-consuming. In concrete terms, this can be illustrated by the example of the right of withdrawal. In order to scale a functioning business model for the German market, for example, when selling services and/or products in the B2C sector, the conditions must be created by the start-up in Germany so that consumers can exercise their statutory right of withdrawal. Here, not only legal considerations are necessary, but also best practices, which we develop together with our clients based on the legal requirements and with practical solution models.